Fully automated
handwritten cards

grow your business with personalized handwritten cards

Real pens, real cards, with real stamps - completely automated by the power of robots and artificial intelligence, saving you time and money while driving customer loyalty.

drive customer loyalty and build your brand

What if each of your new customers received a unique, personalized, handwritten card after they purchased your product or service? Would it establish a personal connection and increase loyalty? The answer is absolutely, 100%, YES!

Step 1 (optional)

integrate with your systems

We will integrate our API with your CRM or sales system, completely automating the process of sending handwritten cards. Using our AI, you can scale your handwritten outreach with unique messages for each customer and product. Yeah, WOW!

step 2

your message

Create your message using your own words, or let our AI do it for you (try it out) to save time and scale by generating unique and personal messages that feel even more real.

step 3

our robots get to work

Our robots write your message in one of our many natural handwriting styles using real pens, with real ink. We finish it off with a real stamp before mailing it for you.Yeah, it's all real.

step 4

your customer enjoys

Your customer will receive the handwritten card in the mail with your message, building a personal connecting and galvanizing their loyalty to your brand.


+$5 per card

Our pricing is simple, straightforward, and affordable, allowing you to scale efficiently.

try our ai for yourself

Answer the questions below, and we'll text you a unique message that our AI generated just for you. In the real world, our robots would have written it down on a card and mailed it to the recipient - without you having to do a thing!


We're here to help. Chat with us using the icon and the bottom right of the screen, or book a call with us and we'd be happy to answer your questions over the phone.

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